Who Are We?

A 100% Australian Family Business Quality Service Guaranteed

We're passionate about providing all Austrailians with affordable clean, healthy, great tasting water. We are also proudly a 100% Australian family business. We service Australia wide.

Quality & Performance Assured

Customers enjoy 'peace-of-mind' when relying on our solutions to perform as expected. Our entire range of solutions have been tested and fully comply with Australian standards. From complete systems through to our vast range of filter options. Quality and performance is assured.

Service, Advice, Support

We also compliment everything we do with exceptional service and advice. Plus every product and system provided is supported by a generous warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchased system or product – we will do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction - guaranteed!

Our Dedication

Our constant aim is to ensure that you are receiving the best water filtration solutions available at this time. With so many years of experience we have every confidence in providing you, our customer, the best options available in water filtration technologies.

Our Passion

  • You Benefit From Our Dedication

    Our years of experience, combined with our dedication to continually seek and develop the best options available in water filtration technologies is key to our success.

  • Quality & Performance

    Before offering any system, filter or combined solution we ensure the products perform as required for Australian conditions. We also ensure they have been tested and fully comply with Australian design, environmental and electrical safety laws. Where relevant, we also ensure products have the 'WaterMark Standard' certification and pass or exceed Australian standard AS/NZS/IS9002 and Australian Plumbing Standard MP52.

  • We Do All The Essential Research & Development For You

    We annually attend some of the world’s largest water purifications trade fairs and conventions, keeping abreast of the latest filtration technologies and products available from around the world. We also continually research and evaluate any products offered by manufacturers worldwide and keep abreast of any developing water quality related news in Australia and the world. We see all of this as an essential part of us truly being passionate about providing affordable clean, healthy, great tasting water!

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Ever since my local water has started smelling and tasting different I was lost to know how to solve the problem. Aussie Water Coolers offered some great free advice and had the solution I was looking for.

Colin - NSW

Our town water has never been great tasting. Aussie Water Coolers had the perfect answer for my young family. The water now tastes great and I save a bundle not having to buy bottled water anymore.

Sharon - QLD

We were spending a small fortune having large bottles delivered to our office. I was amazed by the option to eliminate the need to order refills. The self contained system works great, saves money and much needed space.

Ben - NSW