Carbon Block including ARAGON Filters

A carbon block water filter is designed to remove free chlorine and organic chemicals that create unpleasant taste, colour and odour in our water. There are two types of carbon in general use; granular and block.

A granular carbon filter contains granules of carbon similar to sand, whilst a carbon block filter consists of finely powered carbon, compressed into a solid mass. This method of filtering basically uses a bed or ‘block’ of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities in water supplies.

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The carbon block filters we sell are manufactured from the highest quality, FDA-compliant raw materials, using cutting-edge methods resulting in premium performance in reliability, absorption and flow rates. Be aware of many carbon filters (block or granular) that come from an Asian country with a cheap price point, these are inferior quality and can present their own negative health concerns. Aussie Water Coolers are always competitively priced with our water filter solutions and filter replacements, with your best interests and health being our utmost priority.

It is best to discuss your overall goals with our personable team to ensure your water filtration expectations are being reached.

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