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We understand there will be questions after the sale of some of our products and we’re here for the chat – so from that first conversation through to installation and on-going maintenance concerns, we are committed to providing the best possible service. Just a phone call away; that’s the Aussie Water Coolers way!

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Regarding Water

Questions such as below will help us to identify your problem and to select the best filter combination to use to hopefully correct the problem for you.

  • Where do you live?
  • Do you use tank, town or bore water for your home or a combination of these.
  • Please describe what you mean by “terrible”.
  • Does it have a strong chlorine smell?
  • Does it have a muddy taste or a vegetative taste?
  • Have you noticed a white powder-like substance building up around your taps and shower heads?
  • Do you currently have any form of water filtration device?
  • What type of device is this?
  • When were the filters last replaced on this device?

The responses to these questions will significantly narrow down the problem being experienced and help find a solution to the problem.

Manually Filled Water Coolers

The accumulation of the green colour within your water cooler bottle and sometimes even on the side of the filter is due to direct LIGHT striking the bottle and moving through to the water itself.

This light source can be either from natural or artificial light caused by fluorescence tubes and can vary in severity according to the time of the year, as the direction of the sun alters between the seasons.

As light penetrates the water a process known as photosynthesis occurs and this can produce algae which is green in colour.

If ignored, the algae can penetrate the filter, and it is recommended that you change the filter immediately. If you see a slight development of a green tinge, then the following suggestions will assist in stopping this problem.

  • Immediately remove the filter from the canister and clean the bottle with hot water.
  • Wipe the filter down, checking carefully that there is no algae in the filter. If the filter has algae impregnated within the filter, replace it immediately.
  • Change the position/location of the water cooler in the room to an area that is not as exposed to high light.
  • If this is not possible, we can offer you professionally made black-out covers that stop the light from penetrating the water bottle area, thus stopping the development of algae.

We recommend a filter change for this type of filter every 6 months. We can dispatch a filter to you, and you can install this using our easy-to-follow instructions. Alternatively, within our greater Brisbane service area we provide a mobile service where we visit your home, fully clean and sanitise your machine as well as changing the filter based on a reasonable fee structure.

We recommend that between services you clean the bottle area every Month. The reason for this is some areas have a greater amount of sediment than others. If this sediment accumulates under the floatation device that stops the cooler from overflowing, then your cooler may develop a leak. In most cases the water coolers DO NOT have a leak, rather it is usually the float that has a very small piece of grit lodged under the float stopper, and this slowly allows water to drip into the water canister.

The carbon source used in the manual fill filters is a course form of carbon and this requires a thorough flushing under a tap before inserting the filter into the bottle set. Sometimes this can be difficult to fully remove despite diligent flushing under a tap. In other circumstances, and for no understandable reason, further carbon cam “let go” creating these floaties. This problem is random, and the solution is to undertake a bottle clean as per our cleaning document.

As your cooler ages, very small amounts of sediment can accumulate within the tap mechanism, and randomly release into a glass when being filled. At each cleaning cycle of your cooler, we use a small bristle brush to attempt to eliminate this build up.

This problem usually only occurs in water coolers that have a hot water selection in-built into them. Unfortunately, due to the hardness of some areas of water this breaks the heating element within the cooler causing the machine to trip household power.
In some circumstances, we can by-pass the heating side of the machine allowing you to continue using it as a water cooler without the hot water option.

Another problem associated with power tripping is caused by an electrical fault within the compressor cooling unit of the water cooler. Unfortunately this cannot be repaired.

  • For your safety, please turn the water cooler off at the powerpoint and pull the plug out from the wall socket.
  • Can I please have your name and address so I can identify what type of water cooler that you have. This will help me, help you much quicker.

  • Carefully remove the upper half of the bottle set from the top of your cooler. (This will include the lid, upper bottle, and filter section of the bottle set) and place these pieces into a large container or into a close by sink.
  • Carefully lift the lower bottle up, placing your hand firmly under the lowest part attached to the bottle and put this with the other parts already removed.
  • This lower bottle often has water in it and can be heavy, so caution is required.
  • Observe how high the water level is within the stainless-steel water holding tank.
  • If the water level is within 25 mm of the top of the bottom tank, then the problem lies with the cream-coloured float below the bottom bottle which regulates the flow of the water into the tank.
  • Using a glass, remove 3 glasses of water from the machine using the dispenser taps, BUT ensure there is still water in the stainless-steel holding tank.
  • We can send you simple instructions on how to fix this and an easy-to-follow maintenance sheet explaining how to reduce this into the future.
  • Please DO NOT turn the power on and leave the bottle set off the cooler for 24 hours allowing the machine to fully dry out because water has potentially dripped down into the machine, and it requires time to dry.
  • If after 24 hours the stainless-steel water tank is empty and/or the cooler is still leaking, we will attempt to help you further.
  • We do provide service calls within our service call technicians locations.
  • Immediately locate the power supply, turn the unit off, and remove the electrical plug from the socket.
  • Please state your name, address or business location so we can quickly identify your machine type.
  • Behind the water cooler, identify a white plastic hose with a ball valve (tap) with a blue handle on it. Turn this tap off undertaking ONE QUARTER of a turn of the tap.
  • Follow the white hose back to the water source feeding the machine. This is usually under the kitchen sink. Follow this back to where you will find another small tap with either a black, silver and blue handle and turn this ONE QUARTER of a turn.
  • This process has isolated all the water entering the machine, effectively stopping further leakage.
  • Remove 4 glasses of water from the machine to lower the level of the water within the holding tank. For further assistance with your machine, we will have to visit your site to inspect the machine fully.
  • *Service calls only available where AWC technicians are located*

Filters used with various Water Coolers all have a limited life dependent on the amount of carbon contained within the filter itself. The carbon content of the filter is the product that removes many of the impurities from the water.

In general terms the water coolers that are manually filled have filters with a carbon content that will last 6 months.

Point of Use water coolers (self fill) have filters fitted to them that last 12 Months. However, in high use area situations such as busy offices or large-scale workshops this may have to be reconsidered.

All our manual fill and self-fill water coolers attract a full parts and service 3-year warranty . If you live outside our standard service area and we cannot repair the machine with your assistance over the phone, we will make other arrangements with you to ensure your machine is fully repaired, otherwise we will replace your machine like for like.

Our under-sink hot and cold system water filtration units have a 2-year warranty.

Technically, YES, but our systems are designed to save you the cost of having to buy expensive and environmentally unfriendly bottled water. By using our system of filtering your tap water this removes the impurities and unpleasant taste of tap water reducing the unnecessary strain on our natural resources and allows you unlimited filtered drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.


We offer a full range of filtration options to suit the most discerning water drinker!

Our systems and filters are world’s best, built to NSF standards ensuring you, the customer, total peace of mind of the quality and source of the ingredients used in these filters. We supply systems and filters to numerous large Australian businesses who rely on our integrity and ability to supply and maintain their systems on a regular basis.

We have filters that totally remove fluoride, add alkalinity, remove scale from water as well as numerous bacterial, viral and pathogenic issues. Our most recent filter, the ARAGON range of filters is the world’s best technology that effectively will remove pesticides and pharmaceuticals from water. We have filters for the protection of complete houses, to under-sink, above sink, showers and baths, caravans, and rental house situations.

The length of time between filter changes varies with the type of filter being used, the number of people or approximate quantity of water moving through the filter. We will advise you of this time frame when speaking to you about your specific machine purchase.

The cost of the filter/s depends on the type of filter required but this will all be explained to you prior to purchase.

Only ONE type of filtration system will remove fluoride to 100% efficiency, this being Reverse Osmosis (RO).

We supply this system and insist on only supplying the 5-stage system that gives the client the greatest value for money and wastes much less water in the disposal process of the impurities from the water.

An added advantage of our RO systems is we insist on adding an alkalinity filter to the system to ensure your overall health.

YES, we do! This has been a real breakthrough for the rural communities around Australia.

In the past rural properties using bore water experienced an underlying concern regarding the safety of this water due to pesticide contamination of underground water aquifers, which up until now could not be safe guarded against.

With the introduction of this new, worlds best ARAGON filtration technology, this concern has been eliminated and endorsed by 7 prominent global testing facilities testifying to its effectiveness. ARAGON removes viral, bacterial and many other nasty pathogenic problems from water, making it the most outstanding filtration device in the world today.

This is an often-asked question, especially by people over the age of 50 years of age. No doubt these people have developed some form of “in-built” resistance to some of the diseases present in their tank water.
I was brought up on tank water as a child and I recall times of having nasty bouts of an upset stomach. However, I never considered blaming the water, it was always the food I blamed, but in hindsight it may well have been the water or a combination of both.

However, the world is constantly changing and sadly being increasingly polluted. Anything in the air, always descends to the ground, including household roofs. Dumped airplane fuel, diesel particulate, brake dust and even pesticide residue can all land on rural household roofs and the cumulative effect of these on developing children can be catastrophic in the long term.

We find that the younger generation of parents in these rural areas are far more concerned with these modern-day issues, and should they wish to gain a greater sense of parental peace of mind, we are here to assist them.

Water Filtration System

On a weekly basis we supply, install and service systems within the greater SE Queensland region. We also visit coastal and mid regional NSW on a quarterly basis and can accommodate installation of devices during these trips.
For customers outside of these regions we always supply machines with full instructions of how to install these units and offer a full personal facetime backup with our clients to ensure they are confident with installing the system.

As a testament to our ability to achieve this outcome, we have customers in far Western Australia, to Southern Tasmania and to the tip of Queensland in Cape York.

Service & Maintenance

We service and maintain all forms of filtration systems on behalf of our clients across Australia in various degrees of servicing, dependent on their location and expectations. We have corporate clients with shop outlets across rural and city Australia and through a refined process we can satisfy their needs.

People often fail to remember when their water filters are due for changing. We offer a personal non- confronting, non-pushy phone call/text/email service to our customers based on our accurate database records informing of the anniversary of their filter change. The time frames allotted to the duration between filter changes varies with different systems. If a client does not wish to change the filter at the time we call, an alternative date can be set or postponed into the future. You are also more than welcome to contact us if you know your filter is due and we can arrange for a new filter to be posted or for a technician to attend to your cooler (location permitting) at your request.

We offer a rental arrangement to business clients only, based on a minimum of a 36 Month basis. The rates per Month vary on the type of Cooler requested, location of these rental/s machines and the service expectation of each client. For further information on this opportunity please contact our head office.

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