Cups & Cup Holders

If you need disposable drinking cups for your office or shared use water cooler, we can help. Our 7oz drinking cups, suitable for use in cup holders attached to water coolers/water filtration systems we stock, are able to be purchased and delivered directly through Aussie Water Coolers. With the recent environmental concerns of single use plastic and now the banned use of plastic drinking cups, ensure you don’t run out of cups; disposable ones can be added to your reoccurring filter order no problems!

Cup Holders
Easily attaching to the side of your home, office or shared water cooler – don’t forget about your cup holder! Our cup holder is the perfect addition to your water cooler – compatible with 7oz (180ml) drinking cups. When you need to hold disposable cups for easy access, don’t forget to get yours from Aussie Water Coolers.

Price Range Filter
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If you need help with additional accessories for your water filtration system, Give us a call on 1300 365 202.

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