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Water Filter Solutions Melbourne

100% Australian owned and operated, we specialise in providing the Melbourne population with filtration systems for home, office or on the road. Aussie Water Coolers are passionate about providing everyone with affordable, clean, healthy, great tasting water, and so when searching for quality water filters Melbourne, we have an awesome team ready to hear from you.
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Aussie Water Coolers - your Melbourne water filter specialists

With more than 30+ years of combined experience, if you’re looking for help with answering questions about water filters; anything from reverse osmosis water filters Melbourne to a simple shower head install troubleshoot, our friendly customer service team will always be happy to take your call. Products and services we sell are backed by our guarantee, not just on parts, but we guarantee that our team will understand your water filter requests and provide the best possible service with a smile.

Great Water Starts With Us

Water filtration is what we do – from inner city living to rural properties, we’ve seen it all. If you are looking for a temporary or mobile solution to your water filtration needs, we can assist with free-standing units, point-of-use filters and other gadgets to get you on your way to safer, cleaner water. If you want a more permanent or long-term plan, our whole of house or under-sink water filtration systems might be what you’re after. Whatever your situation, our professional and personable customer service team is ready to help.

Let Aussie Water Coolers help keep your water supply clean from impurities and at a high standard for drinking, cooking or showering with the right filtration solution.

Office & Home Water Filters For Melbourne Residents

Our extensive range covers the complete spectrum of products and solutions within the water filtration industry. Ranging from standalone manually filled filtered chilled systems – used in homes as well as office reception areas, under sink filtration options – providing a greater choice of refinement of filtration, Reverse Osmosis systems – significantly improving water supply, to our newly developed flagship Whole of House system which filters all of the water that enters your house, we are committed to protecting your appliances and family using the world’s best filtration techniques available today.

We also have a large selection of streamlined products in water filter cartridge replacements, showerhead filters, countertop water dispensers, on-tap faucets, portable filters and many more.

With our reach extending Australia-wide and a service team travelling frequently to Melbourne – get in touch today and start your water filtration journey with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Portland Victoria has a bore-water supply. "Everyone" complains how bad it is, even in tea. With our new dedicated tap filter, there is no trace of the old taste left. I installed the tap and filter myself with the enclosed instructions, easy for any handy-person. Follow up advice is great if needed. Highly recommend Aussie Water Coolers and their under sink/separate tap system.
Jason Scott
I really love our home water filter - the water tastes so much better, I find it very hard to drink normal tap water when I am out. Definitely a great investment for your health - with great service and price. Also your mops are THE BEST!!
Madelaine Baddiley
Bought a water filter for under the sink and absolutely love it. It was so easy to install yourself and the customer service was just fantastic. Can't fault them at all, would totally recommend to anyone looking for a filter to get one off them.
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Fiona May
Good, reliable, prompt service.
David Yarrow
Exceptional service! These guys always leave me feeling like I've gotten my $ worth. They are thoughtful knowledgeable and courteous to a fault. Their work is A grade and the suggestions they make are clear and practical. Will always recommend them to my friends.
Daimeon Milton
Great quality, great service, been with Aussie water coolers for over ten years. Everyone should have at least one unit!
Marty Tottle
The staff are professional and always helpful when you contact them. Very impressed with the service
Sharon Leech
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