Manual Fill Water Dispensers

Be on your way to cleaner, healthier and filtered water with a refillable water cooler.

The time and money saving options Aussie Water Coolers offers means you can say goodbye to constantly purchasing bottled water and filter your own. The replaceable filter in your manual water dispenser, removes heavy metals and impurities such as chlorine, while adding back valuable micro-nutrients.

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Depending on your model, a drinking water dispenser provides the convenience of both chilled and boiling water any time of the day so, once you have a water cooler for home or office, you will never go back to filling a water bottle from the sink and leaving it in the fridge to chill again!

We have an impressive range of manual fill water dispensers that can either sit on your counter top or function as a free-standing unit. All of our Aussie Water Coolers dispensers are known for their reliability, longevity and value for money, plus they also come with a two year warranty to ensure quality performance standards.

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