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The Aussie Water Coolers Story

Awesome Water for Awesome Aussies!

Quality Service Guaranteed
At Aussie Water Coolers we believe good health begins with quality water; so much so, we’ve been helping Australians seeking excellence in this area for more than 15 years! Aussie water Coolers is 100% Australian owned and operated, striving for excellence in both the delivery of quality products all compliant with Australian standards, and follow up with outstanding after sales service.
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Wide Range of Quality Products
Our extensive range covers the complete spectrum of products and solutions within the water filtration industry. Ranging from standalone manually filled filtered chilled systems - used in homes as well as office reception areas, under sink filtration options - providing a greater choice of refinement of filtration, Reverse Osmosis systems - significantly improving water supply, to our newly developed flagship Whole of House system which filters all of the water that enters your house, we are committed to protecting your appliances and family using the world’s best filtration techniques available today.
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Solutions for Home and Business

We believe that we have a filter solution for every circumstance for any home or business; tell us the concern and our customer service team will be able to assist. We’re on hand to provide ongoing support and to service your needs in whatever way is best for you - be it choosing the perfect product, installing your water filtration system or having our service technician make a house call. For us, your health and wellbeing are what matters most, and we genuinely believe in what we do.

Our Passion

Our passion is to help all Australians enjoy the cleanest, freshest and purest water available to them. We want you to benefit from our perseverance - with a combined 30+ years of experience, and a commitment to continually seek and develop the best options available in water filtration technologies, key to our success.

Before offering any system, filter or combined solution, we ensure the products perform as required for Australian conditions. We also ensure they have been tested and fully comply with Australian design, environmental and electrical safety laws. Where relevant, we also ensure products have the 'Water Mark Standard' certification and pass or exceed Australian standard AS/NZS/IS9002 and Australian Plumbing Standard MP52.

Always Thinking of You

We annually attend some of the world’s largest water purification trade fairs and conventions, keeping up-to-date on the latest filtration technologies and products available from around the world to bring only the best to you, our clients. We also continually research and evaluate any products offered by manufacturers worldwide, and keep informed of any developing water quality related news in Australia and across the world.

We see all of this as an essential part of us truly being passionate about providing affordable clean, healthy, great tasting water.

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