20 X 4.5 Calcite
20 X 4.5 Calcite

20″ x 4.5″ Calcite Cartridge

$150.00$250.00 AUD

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Corosex® is a specially processed hard, bead-like magnesia, adapted for use in filters to neutralize acidity by increasing the pH value. By neutralizing the free carbon dioxide in water, Corosex can correct acidic water conditions and render it less corrosive. Corosex, being a highly reactive magnesium oxide, is used most effec tively where pH correction is substantial or high flow conditions are in use. On a per weight basis, magnesium oxide can neutralize five times more acidity than can calcium carbonate. This results in greatly reduced chemical usage for the same pH correction.

Jwico Installation@3x
Installation Service

Installation is available in Brisbane, Redland City, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay Region, and Gold Coast. $100.00 callout fee applies on top of filter price.

  • Size 20″ x 4.5″
  • Neutralises water back to approximately a pH of 7

Filter cartridge replacement is recommended once every year. However, replacement frequency also depends on water quality and usage.

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