Twin Whole House Water Filter W Frame Sa (1)
Twin Whole House Water Filter W Cover (1)
Rep 202pr Wawf Filtration Stages (1)
20 X 4.5 Aragon Wawf
Twin Whole House Water Filter W Frame Sa (1)
Twin Whole House Water Filter W Cover (1)
Rep 202pr Wawf Filtration Stages (1)
20 X 4.5 Aragon Wawf

20″ x 4.5″ Twin Whole House Filtration System

$1,395.00$1,695.00 AUD

From $115.07 a fortnight with

Product info

Jwico Installation@3x
Installation Service

Installation is available in Brisbane, Redland City, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay Region, and Gold Coast. $300.00 callout fee applies on top of filter price.


Recommended for small to medium sized households, this Aqua Co Dual Sediment & Aragon filtration system is suitable for Town, Tank and Bore water situations and for homes that are installing a Water Softener system to their water supply..

Designed to deliver purified drinking water to every tap in your house from the Dual 20 inch x 4.5 inch 3 stage Premium Whole House Water Filters, using the technology behind the most advanced filter available worldwide without the need for electricity.

Incorporated into a marine grade stainess steel stand and cover ensures longevity of product life and reduced internal heating of the unit due to the reflective properties of staninless steel.

Two filters provide three levels of protection and is capable of filtering both town as well as tank or bore water.

Stage 1 A sediment filter (either polyspun or pleated)

The initial sediment filter reeduces the imput of small dirt particles lodging within tapware and extends the life of tapware seals.

Stage 2 ARAGON………the worlds best filtration (aragon component)

The unique properties of ARAGON ensures protection from limescale buildup within household appliances, reduces calcium accumulation on shower screens and provides extraordinary protection against many pathogens, toxins, viruses and parasites.

Strage 3 ARAGON (carbon core)

This combined dual system provides a high, non restrictive flow within the household while also providing a high capacity contaminant threshold extending the filters lifecycle

  • Recommended for small to medium homes.
  • The system has brass ports providing strength to the system and is fitted with 20″ x 4.5 ” canister and filters.
  • This configuration provides superior (double the flow rate) of other systems available today.

Outer canister size:
20″ x 4.5″

Filtration stages:
3 stages from 2 filters

Maximum flow rate:
60 LPM

Maximum pressure :
80 PSI

Operating pressure:
70 PSI

Operating temperature:


  • Filters are Tested and Certified by NSF Internativirusesonal under NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.
  • System WaterMark Certification No. 23448
  • Does not require power.

Protects water from bacteria and viruses (patent number 2531829 from 01.09. 2014) without the use of membranes and UV Light.

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