Aquaco Ph Correction Calcite
Aquaco Ph Correction Calcite

Calcite PH Correction System

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In most cases, tank water is naturally acidic (pH ess than 7). Water that has a lower than neutral pH is not healthy for our bodies because our bodily organs much prefer to be in an alkaline state.

This problem is further complicated by the types of foods that we consume in our modern diet. Processed foods as well as prepared foods have food additives in them to extend the shelf of the product.
These additives are naturally acidic, thus compounding the problem. The most effective way to increase the pH of water back to a neutral state is by introducing CALCITE into the water.

Calcite is a naturally occurring food grade safe material that reduces water acidity as well as the corrosiveness of the water.


  • Improves the general quality of the water to drink.
  • Acts as a neutraliser assisting to balance the pH of the water.
  • Safe and food grade compliant product. t.l
  • Protects the plumbing system, extending its lifespan, and preventing costly repairs or replacements.
  • Reduces the acidity of the water, making it less corrosive and improving the overall water quality.
  • Helps restore the water’s natural taste and improves its overall aesthetics.

Before purchasing a calcite pressure vessel for your rainwater tank, please consider the following important factors:

Water Analysis and pH Levels:

  • It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the water quality and pH levels of your rainwater.
  • Conduct a water analysis test to determine the pH level of your rainwater.
  • Calcite pressure vessels are designed specifically for raising the pH of low pH waters.
  • Therefore, if your rainwater has a low pH, a calcite pressure vessel can be an appropriate solution.

However, if the pH level is already within an acceptable range, a calcite pressure vessel may not be necessary.

Sizing and Capacity:

  • Determine the appropriate sizing and capacity of the calcite pressure vessel for your rainwater tank.
  • Consider the volume of water you use and the flow rate required for your household needs.
  • Ensure that the pressure vessel you choose can handle the flow rate and volume of water in your rainwater system.
  • Additionally, check the dimensions and space requirements to ensure that the pressure vessel can be properly installed in your rainwater tank setup.

Maintenance and Replacement:

  • Understand the maintenance requirements and potential replacement schedule for the calcite media in the pressure vessel. Calcite media will gradually dissolve over time as it neutralizes the acidity of the water.
  • Depending on the pH level of your rainwater and the usage patterns, the calcite media may need to be replenished or replaced periodically.
  • It’s important to be aware of this maintenance aspect and factor it into your decision-making process.
  • Consider the ease of maintenance, availability of replacement media, and associated costs when selecting a calcite pressure vessel.
  • Type: Calcite pH Correction system
  • Description: Self standing pressure vessel with top mounted valve.
  • Media Tank: 33 cm by 137 cm wound fibreglass pressure vessel.
  • Media: 80 kg of Calcite
  • Control valve: Clack flow through valve.
  • Flow Rate Continuous 30 litres per minute
  • Peak 40 litres per minute
  • Pressure: Maximum 600 kpa (85psi)
  • Minimum 75 kpa (25psi)
  • Pipe Sizes Inlet/outlet 20mm

Important Information

The introduction of Calcite media and vessel as a neutralising device ONLY brings the pH of the Water back to a neutral status.

This system IS NOT a water purification system that will protect your family from any harmful pathogens that can lurk in Tank Water.

For solutions to this problem please go to our options for Tank Water Pre-filtration systems with the attached Calcite vessel

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