Ho Shower Filter Complete
Ho Shower Filter Complete 1
Ho Shower Filter Complete
Ho Shower Filter Complete 1

High Output Shower Filter System

$140.00$240.00 AUD

Product info

Jwico Installation@3x
Installation Service

Installation is available in Brisbane, Redland City, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay Region, and Gold Coast. $100.00 callout fee applies on top of filter price.


A simple screw in shower filtration system that gives wonderful protection to people who suffer from Dry Skin and Skin Irritations.
The high– output Shower Filter contains a reversible filter cartridge that will filter the shower water for one year. This high performance shower filter combines easy operation and maintenance with the ultimate in structural integrity and over-all reliability. The HO is the strongest replaceable shower filter available on the market today.

  • Provides chlorine free water for showering/bathing
  • Removes Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Dirt, Hydrogen, Sulphide (Odour), Iron Oxide, Sediment.
  • Low Profile Design
  • High Capacity Filter
  • Reversible Filter Cartridge (HOC Filter) Change the filter around at the 6 Month mark)
  • Ultra-High Strength Housing
  • Cartridge Life Rating: 1 Year
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