Awesome Water Universal Filter Cartridge 1
Whats In Your Filter P
Awesome Water Universal Filter Cartridge 1
Whats In Your Filter P

Awesome Water Universal 8 Stage Carbon Filter – Single

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This popular 8 stage filter is used in numerous manually filled water coolers across Australia. They provide a good level of protection from many potential impurities as well removing the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine from twon water supplies.

An 8 stage enclosed transparent that is screwed in via a threaded middle plastic plate that divides the two distinct transparent bottle chambers positioned on the top of the water cooler.

This popular and generic 8 stage filter removes impurities, especially the taste and smell of chlorine while adding back valuable micronutrients.
Suits most commonly available “stand alone” water filtration units such as Awesome Water, Healthy H2O, Healthy Water 4 U, and Prestige machines.

Each layer of the filter has the following media:

  • Stage 1: Primary Filter Felt Pads – Effectively removes rust and sediment particles.
  • Stage 2: KDF media works to exchange electrons with contaminants converting them into harmless components.
  • Stage 3 Activated Carbon – Removes heavy metals such as Cadmium, Mercury as well as lithium but especially removes the unpleasant taste & smell of Chlorine the most common complaint of drinking town water.
  • Stage 4: Mineralised Balls – Adds natural trace minerals required by the body including iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and iodine.
  • Stage 5: Mineral Ceramic Balls – Consisting of crushed coral that is then granulated and slowly released in small quantities of calcium back in the water.
  • Stage 6: Activated Carbon – A repeat of stage 2 only the particles are finer.
  • Stage 7: Mineralised Balls – A repeat of stage 3 only the particles are finer.
  • Stage 8: Ceramic Plate – Removes bacteria and parasites e.g Giardia.
Jwico Installation@3x
Installation Service

$100.00 callout fee applies on top of filter price. Clean and santise of water dispenser included in callout.


Filter size: 83 mm Diameter x 180 mm in length

This multi layered filter is contained in a transparent filter cartridge and is shipped in a styrofoam receptical to reduce breakage during shipping.

This filter is designed to fit our Awesome Water Bottle that is placed on the top of the manually filled water cooler.


Recomended replacement is 6 Months but is dependent on water quality. Sold as single filters or a bundle packs.

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